Why Are You A Feminist?

Women make up 50% of the population, yet the question “Why are you a feminist?” is constantly asked. Why am I a feminist? Because women make up 50% of the population and 50% of the population is treated like they’re inferior and unimportant. How can we disregard an entire subset of people and think that’s okay? And then blatantly shame the people who wish to see change?

I’m a feminist because there is sexism in this world. Because women experience it first hand. Because men experience it first hand. The media has overwhelmed us with the idea that women are waiting around patiently for a man to rescue her, for a man to make her feel alive, for a man to financially provide for her because women are weak, should not hold power, and should definitely not be the bread winners. This does not make for a balanced society. No one should be happy with this situation. We live in a very independent world, yet it is so encouraged that women play damsel in distress while men play the heroes. In actuality, men and women both are heroes. We both play very important roles in society, and our roles are not different. We provide for ourselves because we are human.

But feminism is not seen as a movement to help both women and men. When people of power shed false light on feminism, that view is respected and it is encouraged. We see people like Pat Robertson, an executive chairman, and Bill O’Reilly, an author, historian, journalist, etc., and Todd Akin, a former US Representative, and we hear them constantly make sexist comments about women and somehow this makes it believable. Young women see the way women are represented in this country, and it causes a downfall of opportunities.

We need to remember that the reason these men have power is because of the deep-rooted sexism in the media. They’re getting away with it because men control what we see on television. We’re supposed to be a country with democracy, but what is a democracy if 50% of the population is not contributing?

The reason we are not achieving equality is from the false notion that feminism is about women superiority and male inferiority, when in reality, feminists are interested in removing all gender roles, and all inferiority. The problem comes from fear. The men in power, I repeat, men in power (so yes, not all men) are afraid that women are trying to achieve the level of superiority that men have held on to for so long. Feminists do not want to see men thrown into rivers with stones weighing them down to see if they float, feminists do not want to see men banned from voting, feminists do not want to see the downfall of men. Feminists want to see women correctly represented in the media, feminists want to see women in politics, feminists want to see women walking down the street without the fear of rape. Feminists want equality. Feminists want justice.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population. Because women are human beings. Because women should be represented as more than objects for the male gaze.

I am a feminist because I’m a woman. I am a feminist because there are people in my life that I care deeply about who are women and these women should not have to compromise their lives to support traditional patriarchal values.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population but only 20% of women comprise Congress.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population but only 71 countries in the world have had female presidents and America is not one of them.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population but only 35 women have served as governors, whereas 2,319 men have served.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population, but only 11% of protagonists in films were women in 2011.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population, but only 5.8% of all television shows are owned by women.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population, but only 6% own radio stations.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population, yet the media constantly discourages women to take leadership roles. I am a feminist because the media dehumanizes women, leading to citizens dehumanizing women, leading to women dehumanizing themselves.

I am a feminist because I care more about human rights than I do the power of the 1% in this country.

I am a feminist because women make up 50% of the population and I’m tired of trying to elaborately explain myself using facts and sources about the exploitation of women. Half of the humans on this earth are women, and people are still asking why we care about women’s rights.



To Those Of You Combating Facebook’s Attempt At Supporting Marriage Equality With An American Flag:


You may be annoyed with the recent FB trend of putting a rainbow flag over profile pictures, but guess what? I bet it was pretty annoying to not be able to legally marry another human because until last Friday, America had a stick up its traditional ass.

It’s true that not everyone fully accepted the legal rights of same-sex couples, and yeah, some of those people are now using the newfound nation-wide law to promote their business or company, and that sucks. But for the people out there who have been fighting for this, this is a huge deal, and have every right to throw rainbows wherever they please.

But there’s a new trend, and don’t worry, it only took a couple days to start, where people are putting up American flags over their faces. Really? Is the majority already threatened by marriage equality? Every time minorities get even a sliver of justice, tradition-holding people, (AKA conservatives) try to shut it down by throwing stars and stripes and bald eagles at it.

Just take a minute to think about why you are so offended by same-sex marriage.

And if you really do just actually love America that much, then good for you, I guess. Bad timing, though. 

Being “Transracial” Is Not A Thing So Let’s Not Even Go There

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If you look up a dictionary definition of, “transracial,” you might find the following: “Involving, encompassing, or extending across two or more races.” In the sense, most people on earth are by dictionary definition (and an ancestry test) probably transracial in theory. But many people identify strongly with one particular race and ethnicity, and where that isn’t true, most people identify as biracial or multiracial. Race is not biology. But it is a construct and an important one at that – because of the past, because of the present, and because it is a difference that had made a difference in the perceptions and experiences of people.

Why is transracial making its way into the public conversation? Well because people are choosing to make asinine comparisons between Caitlyn Jenner recently making headlines for her official coming out, and a hot, fresh story about Rachel Dolezal, president of…

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Why No One Should Be Color Blind

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of “I see no color” posts on my Facebook newsfeed. This is nothing new. It’s not a revelation of any kind. However, it has come up again with full-force since word got out about the biologically white Rachel Dolezal.

If you’re smart enough to realize that racism exists and should be shut down, you need to understand why it’s not okay to say “I don’t see color” or “I don’t see race.”

It seems like a very simple solution to racism, to simply ignore the color of someone’s skin. I believed it when I was in high school and learning about the hardships white people have put on blacks. How could there be racism if there is no race? If everyone was on board, it’d be fine.

But the problem is, there are still racist assholes out there. The one’s who DO see color, and will discriminate against humans who have darker skin. There will be racial profiling, racial discrimination, and the blatant racism will continue, even though there are good-hearted, good-intentioned people who are kind enough to want to stop racism.

So you need to see race. You need to take advantage of the power that your racist ancestors have given you with the centuries of oppression they have put on literally everyone who isn’t white, and you need to fight back. Fight the people of your own race. Explain to white people what racism does, and how equality would make the world a much better place. Don’t forget the past, because the past is the present. There is still discrimination. There is still racism. Even when your eyes are closed. Even when it’s not happening in your hometown. Even when your black friend hasn’t had a problem.

There are only two options when it comes to today’s racism: you’re either an activist, or you’re on the side of the oppressors. Ignorance, also known as ignoring the problem, allows the racists to gain more power. If no one is speaking out about the problems in this society, the racists have the only voice. They will be the only ones heard.

As an activist, you need to shake the visibility of race out of the racists. You need to tell them that there’s nothing wrong with having a certain skin color. You need to be loud. Realize that there is historical background and proof that causes modern day racism to be socially accepted. Be aware that you will never experience the same hardships. Use your white privilege to have a voice, a voice that will be heard. Ignorance is bliss, but it is not helpful.

Female Teams Are Being Introduced In FIFA16

This is totally amazing! It took a while, but here we are, ladies! We’re out of the woods! We’ve broke the glass ceiling! Or have we?

Yes, female teams will be in FIFA16, which is awesome. Equality always rocks. But the backlash FIFA is receiving for doing such a thing is unbelievable. Let’s take a look at some examples in the media:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.20.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.20.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.20.09 PM

These men have really outdone themselves. What on earth is the point for national female teams to be on FIFA16?! We’ve already clearly established that women hate video games! It’s science, right, meninists?! And when girls do like sports or video games, it’s just for male attention, haha, am I right, ladies?!


Your sexism is cute, fellas. Really. Us ladies love it when you belittle us and make us feel inferior to the clearly superior virtual soccer playing man! Let’s just do away with women in video games. And while we’re at it, let’s also take away Laura Croft and My Little Pony too, since you’ve already destroyed that with your disgusting fantasies. If women can’t be in FIFA, you shouldn’t be able to treat them as objects in other games.

I Know It’s Thursday, But Chivalry Is Not Dead

I recently stumbled upon an article explaining why chivalry is dead, from a man’s perspective. So, considering the fact that almost this whole entire article is problematic, I would like to pick it apart paragraph by paragraph, even though I know that is essentially virtual suicide.

“In the hookup culture we now live in, it’s pretty obvious that chivalry is completely dead. Maybe my parents were old fashioned, maybe growing up in a tight knit Italian family resulted in different values, but I was always preached the value of chivalry and etiquette from the women in my life.

From my grandmother to my mother, you better believe I learned my lessons, either verbally or via the wooden spoon. But why now does it seem like it’s completely impossible for men to do what I would consider the ‘normal’ thing?

Dating is done. Seriously, who goes on dates anymore? It’s all about hooking up, getting a number, grabbing a drink and getting down. I think I’m the only single guy I know that actually takes a girl out to a restaurant on a first date. There’s a reason for this.

If you take a girl out and show her you’re more than some douche looking to just get in her pants, odds are, you’re going to get a second date, at least. Call me old fashioned, but a nice dinner is worth the money to get to know someone to some extent.

Problematic. Several women, including myself, a real-life human woman, have been on dates with men who bought them food and drinks and asked about their lives, and guess what? Did not want second dates. If there’s no chemistry, there’s no chemistry. You can’t force it. No woman I have ever known has been out with a guy and said, “Hmm, this guy doesn’t seem to want to have sex with me! I’ll give him another shot even though talking to him is really, really boring.”

“For me, it’s not about the money, and I get why people are stingy when it comes to going out with people they don’t know. Look, I get it. Sh*t costs money. But really, what’s the difference? Treat yourself to a good meal, and if the company is good, why the hell wouldn’t you take a girl out to a nice dinner?

All I know is, the more I look around, the less I see men treating women the way that we’re raised to. What happened to paying for dinners and drinks? What happened to pulling out chairs and holding doors? What happened to walking on the outside, closest to the street and all that sh*t?

Where did we lose the chivalrous touch? When did it become acceptable to just text a girl, inviting her to come bang? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about those instances, I’m just saying, why have we strayed away from what has been established as the norm?”

When was this said “norm” established exactly? Was it around the same time wives were being beaten by their husbands if they did not behave the way men wanted? Was it around the same time women were seen as only arm candy and not as equals? In that case, chivalry is dead the moment the woman says “I do.” Chivalry got the girl, but once legally bound, it was the first thing to go out the door. Yeah, maybe men took girls out on dates and stood on the outside of the sidewalk so, what, the girl didn’t get mud splashed on her if a car drove by? Women are fully capable on their own to avoid the dangers of walking on the outside of the sidewalk.

“I think, in an ever-changing landscape of communication between 140 character tweets, LOLs and ROTFLs, we’ve lost our ability to communicate, altogether. You go to a noisy bar and expect to get to know someone new, when all you really wind up with is uninteresting small talk.

We don’t take the time to get to really know people anymore and that’s why you see relationships and marriages failing at a 50 percent clip. Ultimately, push is going to come to shove here, and I figured it would have happened by now, but for some reason, it has not.

The real problem here is that women, for one reason or another, have become complacent and allowed men to get away with adhering to the bare minimum.”

I’ve talked to people in noisy bars and gotten to know people, but I also am 100% aware that I’m not going to find love in a bar with a tequila and red bull in my hand. I know that. Women know this. Also, women don’t simply get into relationships and marriages after a few drinks at the bar with some dude. No one gets into a relationship after talking in a crowded bar.

And, the real problem here is not that women have become complacent and they’re allowing men to get away with the bare minimum. NO. For one second, has anyone ever thought that maybe women don’t actually hate the bare minimum? That maybe women want to get away with the bare minimum as well? If the real problem here is the lack of chivalry that men are producing, it is not a woman’s fault. If men are so distraught over the lack of chivalry shown in the world by men, show more chivalry. Do it. Be chivalrous. Don’t complain about the women who enjoy sex with attractive dimwitted men.

“We no longer have to put in the effort of flowers, chocolates, dates, etc., and if we do, we come off as stage-five clingers. I’m not looking for a girlfriend, nor am I looking for a wife.

If I take you out to a nice dinner, it’s because I’m a nice guy, and I am looking forward to spending time with you somewhere other than the bedroom.

Eventually, I feel that women will wise up and start asking for the things that they deserve, the things used to be automatic and expected of men, like holding a door, pulling out a chair, and paying for dinners.

Until then, men are going to get away with putting in the bare minimum and receiving what we ultimately want anyway – sex. It’s pretty obvious that women own the cards, and when they start acting like it, they’ll finally start getting dinner from places that don’t deliver.”

This is getting redundant, so:

1. If you have to call yourself a nice guy, you’re probably not a nice guy.

2. That’s awesome that your penis doesn’t control your life. You’re a true hero for not wanting to only spend time having sex.

3. Women have wised up and we are asking for the things we deserve like: equal pay, social justice, fundamental human rights.

4. It’s really sad that you think all men only want sex.

5. I literally love delivery so much. In fact, I might order Domino’s right now.

Chivalry is not dead, it’s simply changing. Women don’t need what they thought they used to. Women want more than just dinners and flowers. Sure, those things are nice, but have we all forgotten that women are sexual beings too? Most girls aren’t creating tinder accounts to find “the one.” They want sex. Just like men. It’s frustrating to think that we still live in a society where people believe that women’s end-goal is marriage and men’s is sex. As humans, we all want love and we all want sex. It’s literally human nature. And last I have checked, women and men are both humans.

Why It’s Problematic To Compare Porn Stars to Actresses and Musicians

If you haven’t seen the photo demonstrating a comparison of two groups of women at two separate events, here it is:


Of course, everyone is shocked that women who get paid to have sex and have their bodies exploited and sexualized could even fathom the idea of covering up for an awards show. So why wouldn’t everyone be sharing this with their Facebook friends? Look, Sarah, can you even believe that these porn stars know how to put on dresses? How did they stop having sex long enough to go and pick out a dress that doesn’t exploit their body like their job does?!

This photo is problematic and highly offensive to the women in it, and as per usual, women as a whole.

I’ll start with the obvious, or perhaps not so obvious, but rather with the subjects of the photo. On the left you see porn stars, AKA, people who get paid to have sex while being directed. Very similar to a movie star, but with less of a plot and more penetration.

The girls on the left are featured in videos where you will probably see every inch of their body. This is their job. They get paid to expose themselves. So why would these ladies want to exploit themselves at an awards ceremony, regardless of the awards that are being handed out. For the most part, women want to look and feel great; they want to exude confidence and feel beautiful. Perhaps the women on the left feel beautiful in what they are wearing. Perhaps they don’t want to be told to wear or what not to wear. The AVN is said to be like the Oscars for the porn industry, and the ladies are being celebrated for the work that they do. Should they have shown up naked to reflect their jobs? Surely if you worked at Starbucks, you wouldn’t show up to an awards show for coffee brewing in your green apron.

Now let’s focus on the women to the right. This comparison photo is promoting the idea that basically these highly respected and well-known women should cover up, at least more than the porn stars. But why? Clearly these women are comfortable with their bodies and they feel fabulous in the dresses they chose for the Met Gala, but simply because of their outfit choices, they are being compared to other women they probably don’t even know. And doing so gives everyone the impression that it’s allowed and accepted to compare ladies based simply off of what clothes they wear. Although clothing is a great way of expressing who you are, it does not define anyone.

Now I’d like to talk about the photo as a whole, the mere idea of it, for the women who are being hurt by every click of the share button, and how carelessly people share photos and memes on Facebook without thinking of the potential consequences to a sexist society. Where is the comparison of men? And you may be thinking, “Well, men don’t go around exposing their bodies at the Met Gala,” and yes, that’s true! Have you ever seen a single male nipple at any awards ceremony? Certainly not.

neil-patrick-harris-had-to-pad-his-oscars-tighty-whities-032014 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Posting comparison photos of women based off of their outfits is a surefire way of letting everyone know that it’s okay to judge women for what they are wearing, and the implication is strong that only certain women should be comfortable with their bodies. But it’s not okay to judge women for what they are wearing. This goes all the way down to telling young girls that their legs and shoulders give men a reason to want to touch them, and young girls should feel uncomfortable with their bodies so long as pervy men are around to sexualize them. So please, if you will, stop sharing photos that harm women. Stop sharing photos that harm anyone. There’s probably a historical inconvenience that makes your silly post an actual contribution to a grossly sexist, racist, and homophobic society.